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Reviews for Stone Arch Apartments I

Posted On: 2/9/2017

i like cats also

these place was actually really a shit hole and i fucking hated how they treated me
By: jake benson   
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Posted On: 1/8/2017

Don't live here

When I first moved in the management was great and they cared about the residents. Deanna is the best, but the business manager has no people skills and dismisses all your concerns. When I transferred apartments I wasn't given my full security deposit back. I had to fight to get back what I did. On several issues, the manager called me a liar. Maintenence is so overworked that after living in the new apartment for many weeks they still haven't fixed most of what is needed. They will tell you it's fixed when it clearly isn't. There is no guest parking and resilient parking is $70-100 per month. They do nothing about noise concerns and it is noisy! The carpet is squares put together and you can see the floor beneath because the squares often don't meet. The kitchen floor has dirt under the wax. The only redeeming quality about Stone Arch is the location and the assistant manager, Deanna. The only thing Stone Arch is about is money, so if you move here be ready to be screwed out of your security deposit. Also have a lawyer ready to sue them.
By: Anonymous   
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Posted On: 12/23/2016


My daughter rented from Stone Arch Apartments in the summer of 2016 with another friend. When they moved out they were only given a small portion of their security deposit back claiming that an unpaid water was taken out. This friend tried to submit proof that this water bill was indeed taken out of the her bank account, but Stone Arch just told her she would need to get an attorney to get this rectified. The next issue was with the security deposit check that was sent back to my daughter with BOTH names on it, so both had to be present in order to get it cashed anywhere. Both girls now live 1 state away from each other and no way possible for them to get together at each other's bank to get it cashed. When management was approached at Stone Arch, all they said was "ITS POLICY" and can't do anything to help you. VERY DISSATISFIED WITH THIS MANEMENT COMPANY- DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY.
By: Amie Tefft   
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Stone Arch Apartments I
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